Architectural BIM Services

At BaseDraw, we provide Architectural BIM services for our clients to provide better visualization to construct their projects virtually before the project enters the construction stage. 
In addition to the Architectural model, we also produce shop drawings for fabrication and field installation purpose

Architectural BIM Services

Structural BIM Services

We provide Structural BIM services for our clients to solve the constructability issues which occur during the construction phase virtually in the pre-construction stage to avoid any potential lag in the project schedule.
Post the coordination with the MEPF trades, the structural model is finalized, and the shop drawings are created for field installation purpose.

MEP BIM Services

We provide MEP Modeling service varying from LOD 100 to LOD 500 for Coordination and Construction purpose.
Post the coordination sign-off, we generate the MEP shop drawings for fabrication and field installation purpose.

BIM Coordination Support

We provide coordination support for Design and Trade models to identify clashes and constructability issues at the pre-construction phase.
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The Coordination support provides a clash free model without any constructability issues which would be ready for field installation

Scan to BIM Services

At BaseDraw, we assist in converting point cloud data into a fully coordinated 3D Model.  (Change Image)
Based on the use case for the Scan to BIM model, the model progression LOD could vary accordingly to the use case of the requirement of the model

4D Modeling Service

At BaseDraw, we assist in developing 4D models which is an integration of the 3D model with the schedule parameter linked to each element of the model.
The 4D output would be a visual representation of the model progression with respect to the project timeline, which will help in identifying overlapping activities and potential lag

5D Modeling Service

5D Model involves associating cost data into models to determine project cost while building the models. 

BaseDraw assists in drawing quantities out of the model and adding cost parameter directly to each of the model items which will help in creating estimates directly from the models. 

Walkthrough & Flythrough

BaseDraw provides walkthrough and flythrough services of high-quality renders for visualization purpose to our clients for enhanced representation of the projects.

Facilities Management

BaseDraw assists in facilities management of a project by comparing model data to the project requirements and providing the required data inputs in the model to facilitate the facilities management process. 

PowerBI Dashboards

BaseDraw assists in creating project management dashboards for construction projects to keep a record of all the KPIs of a construction project.

The PowerBI dashboards are very efficient and a communicative tool for sharing data between the different stakeholders in a project to make informed and adaptive decisions.